THE PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIO - Swansea's Exclusive Fitness Studio!
This is Sheriden, lucky winner of Emily's competition 6 months ago!  Well, what can I say... apart from Emily has changed my life in a nutshell.  After the many diets I have been on over the years, nothing has worked so well as Emily's instruction.
She has completely changed my approach to 'dieting'.  She has educated me in a way that I would never have thought of before.  With her continued guidance and support along the way, I have looked upon food in a totally different light. I am far more aware of food values now than ever before, including 'good fats and bad fats'!
I am now far more aware of what is good for my body and what isn't, and how to eat foods with more energy at the right time of day etc.  By snacking every regularly I have not experienced hunger as I have done in the past.  I do not feel that I have been denied anything.  Even though I have eaten extremely healthily, I have also been aware that if you want to have a special treat once in a while its not the end of the world, as after all this approach to healthy eating is  for life. 
Needless to say the exercise is a major benefit, at first the workout was really hard and a major challenge but as time went by I began to really enjoy it.  As Emily changes the routine, it was never dull and boring!
I feel so much better, I feel I have a new wardrobe without even buying new clothes!  I have lost   inches in total, 14lbs in weight and gone down one clothes size.  I am wearing clothes out of my wardrobe that I have not worn for years, it is constantly a surprise each time I put a garment on that fits far more comfortable than it has done in a long time.  Another major change Emily has made me think about is the scales are not as important as your body shape, its how you feel in your clothes is far more important.
I have also had several compliments about my new figure but more importantly than that, I feel far better about myself than I have done in a very long time.
All I can say is Thank You Emily!
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