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Adam-Rhys Davies

Adam-Rhys Davies : Personal Trainer in Swansea

I wasn’t always in shape, in school and during my early 20s I was uncomfortable with how I looked and felt in my clothes.

People’s comments on how I looked and my lack of fitness made me want to get into shape and prove them wrong. I also needed to prove to myself I could do it.

I managed to reach my goals from working out and following a good diet.  I quickly progressed with the help of a coach and Personal Trainer, finding my passion in lifting weights. I noticed my body shape changing quickly – it was my trainer who then realized I had the potential to enter a bodybuilding competition. Fast forward 10 years, I have competed in around 10 body building competitions, placing first and achieving a gold medal in many of them.

When training in the gym people would often ask me for advice on how I got into shape – that’s where I discovered my passion was helping other people reach their own fitness goals.

I have 10 years experience in the fitness industry, including working in various countries such as Canada and Germany.

It wasn’t always plain sailing for me, I’ve had times when I’ve wanted to give it all up due to events in my personal life and battles with mental health – but instead I channeled that energy into training and they gym and bettering myself.

As a former competitive bodybuilder I have done around 10 competitions over the last 10 years. I have competed at a British finals and won around 6 regional competitions all over the country. I also did a competition for my late father who sadly passed away in 2017, raising  £1500 for cancer research.

Outside of the gym, my interests are drawing and art, drinking coffee, traveling and training in various gyms around the country plus Im also a big foodie.

I always strive to get the best out of my clients, I also have a fine eye for detail when it comes to body composition and posture.

I am in the gym most days so come and say hello! I also offer tailored nutrition and training plans plus advice and coaching. I offer group sessions as well as one to one personal training sessions.

I am qualified in teaching boxercise, kettlecise and various different circuits classes.

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